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aw man...so sunday me n the girls on the team had to go to santa… - ~`~Life Of A Beach Babe~`~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 2nd, 2004|06:07 pm]

aw man...so sunday me n the girls on the team had to go to santa rosa to practice for ncs and stay the nite...yea we got no halloween. and so like i was havin fun and then we had dinner and watched a cinderella story and i got super like sad and so i went to my room and called chad, and i waslike i dont wanna play tomorrow i hate golf blah blah and then he had to go and we hung up and i started crying...and i called ash and she was like aww kelly, and then like i got better and went to wash my face so it wasnt all freakin red n crap heh, and then chad called back sayin ash called him and so he helped me and i was juss like hating golf and hating being not at home...lol and then i watched mean girls with the team and then me n megan shared a room so we went back in our room and she was tryin to escape from the window to go swimming....and i was cryin cus i was laughin soooo hard and i like was bout to pee my pants...it was sooooo funny! lol and then we woke up at 530 went to the course and i played really well! i got like 7 outta like 150 girls....there were 20 teams with 6 girls each and then bout 30ish individules so yea i was happy wiht my ending my career as a carondelet golfer! lol and then today at school i was so flippin tired! ugh...lol but wuteva...and this weekend i go to reno, i leave friday and sat i meet the coach and team of reno!! wooo thats kinda excitin huh? heck yea it is, and i got some hc pics from nicole so here they are!!!

me and nicole in the dance

chad, me, brian, nicole, pat, and ben

pat, ben, nicole, brian, gwen, ian, me and chad at lyons!

me and chad at lyons!!! :) aw how cute!


[User Picture]From: coleyfriz
2004-11-08 03:23 pm (UTC)


DANG, Kelly and I look ultra hott, i bet brian wants me, and chad wants kelly even more....
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