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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2004|09:10 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |our country song..dunno the name! lol]

whoa what another week...its been a good one tho! i hecka got my hair cut...heh i got bangs kinda now...ne who played ina tournament monday...SOOOO fun! the girls were so nice...bethany and christine...good times! i got 5th outta 108! woo woo.....that was exciting! and then match against pitt today.....i shot one over...pretty good! i went to movie under the stars last weekend with chad and dylan and i was lookin for a shooting star cus IVE NEVER SEEN ONE! and i had noooo luck! and yea this is kinda random shit here....and i have a pic of my lil sister on here....julie! everyone thinks we are sisters...its way weird...so we juss go along with it now! so yea...ill write more when i have not boring crap to write bout! :) heres a pic of julie....good times golfin with ya! "ill do whatever i want GOD! ahhaha" ;)

JULIE! aha good luck with them boys...remeber u always got a back up ;) heh jk UR THE BEST LIL SISTER IN THE WORLD....hehe

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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2004|07:49 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |cus the chicks dig it! ahah good song]

wow this weekend was pretty stressful..lol so lets see....friday, i cant remember wut i did friday...but then saturday i had to golf at oakmont to practice for ncs and i played heeeacka good! and then that nite me n megan met chad n tj at spirit and then went to the football game...which dls lost AGAIN! sheesh..lol and then we went to erics party thing for like 10 minutes but i didnt feel well...yes thats wut i did friday nite i wasnt feelin good so i watched movies! ne wyz, then we went to ashleys and i fell asleep and left and was sposed to go to mandas or stephanies...but i was all flustered when i had NO WHERE to sleep! finally at two i end up at tjs house and i fell asleep there...yea my mom knows shes not stupid apparently...lol but it wasnt too big a deal cus she didnt tell my dad..phew..she juss sed dont let it happen again and believe me it wont! lol and then i slept for like 2 hours and went home and slept till 1 and then juss had a day to do nothing cus i hella needed it! aw man...so then school comes again and tuesday we had a match in freakin cowtip country brentwood! we didnt get home till 830...it was rediculous, i played pretty good...and then today was juss 20 min paractice cus i had to study!! and im sooo gonna ace this test...lol hopefully! but tomorrow we play liberty at boundary...and then ITS FRIDAY! woo woo! so yea that was the week in a nutshell! :) lol
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2004|08:25 pm]

ahah today was so much fun!! lol thers so many pics ull all see! haha i havent laughed this much in a looong time! haha so first me n chad n tj n michele go to sf to the museum of modern art...eh boring...but then the metreon! that was soo fun! got hecka funny pics...lol it was great...and then went home, out to lunch, best buy, and went to chads...watched him, nick, and tj wash his car AGAIN..lol and then went swimming...i won both times on the chicken fite thank u very much! lol ;) and then came home and went to nini's bbq..hecka good food...and then went to dino hill where chad had a lil fight with a gopher thing! haha and then juss chilled at my house! it was good times! awesome day...but i gotta go back to school tomorrow...YUCKO first match...well see how that goes! enjoy the pics...laugh hard! haha ;)

 chad n tj on the way! me n michele on the way! heh

aww me n michele! "cute people take cute pictures!" lol!

me and the chad man! :) this is outside the museum by the way...

haha look at our charlies angels picture...with a guy! lol michele looks hecka funny! lol

 micheles intense concentration...

aw look thers us cute girls again!

chad playin some motox game..lol i think

chad and tj playin wiht motorcycles!

sexy michele..LOL

tj bein the DORK that he is! lol

michele and tj wasting their money on this stupid like 1 minute game! lol

me n chad...geez look how tall he is! heh

aw man i love this pic...lol BUMBLEBEE! michele: look i got a stinger! hah

michele n tj messin around....

...and they are racing!!

me n michele on the runway!

tj at it again...sleepin with the bums

me n chad!!! :)

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2004|11:36 pm]

heres a pic of chads car...and BUTT! ahahaha aw man good times...ne wyz yea hes really workin on that special car of his! hes soo excited! lol who wouldnt be tho rite...? :)

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2004|10:39 pm]
[mood |surprisedsurprised]
[music |phil vassaar-drive away]

wut a weekend...friday team party! good times, and for ash's bday! shes almost 17! lol then juss hung out with chad n tj n ash...didnt really do much i cant rember tho! i hate that! ne wyz, saturday...wut a day. ran buncha errands for ash's scrapbook, and then swam at ashleys with chad tj and dylan, and then went to chads house and hung out, then went with tj dylan and tommy to krispie kreme and then to the races...or wutever...lol yea random i was like uhhh i feel kinda outa place on this one lol. but wutever and i kinda had a weird feelin all nite, so i get home and michele calls me and is like DLS LOST! aw man i was so sad, i saw WE LOVE SPARTAN signs at dls today....sad times! and i golfed today with chad and these two other ppl..i played pretty damn shitty but i still shot a 81 so thats not too bad! lol aritey well i have pics below from the team party! have a looksey! lol

ash and her many cupcakes!

me n megs!

ashley and julie

half of our team that showed up! l to r:megan, megan, me, ashley, julie, and rachel

haha this was soo funny! megan and julie RIDING! lol

the el capitans!! woo SENIORS!

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WOOO [Sep. 2nd, 2004|08:17 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |our MARIO song! LOL]

I GOT A FREAKIN HOLE IN ONE!!! woooo it was sooo excitin...i was shakin so bad and i was screamin! it was awesome! lol and since soph year me n michele had this thing where if i got one she was gonna make me a cake and so she did! it was sooo cute! lol good times! ash is comin with us to arizona when i play in that HUGE tournament! shes sooo stoked! lol...and chad got a car! its nice, i want it! lol its a jimmy. and yea so i also shot a 35 yesterday! thats one under par...and i never been under par! and the rep from the ball that i hit the hole in one came and gave me all this free shit and hes gonna take a pic of me and its cool! and i got a certificate and its in the paper! it was an awesome day!!! :)


my half eaten cake that michele made me!! :) it was heellllaa good!

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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2004|12:41 pm]

i made it thru the first week back....it was ok. coulda been better! lol but my classes are pretty good minus math cus its hella hard and my teacher cant teach! grr lol but yea and practice is good, i been playin hecka good! almost got a hole in one, heeelllla close! lol  friday went to the football scrimmage with chad and nicole and jess and then went to napoleon dynomite. it was ok, i could prob see it again but i dont kno how ppl see it 4 times! it was so stupid funny....but not what everyone hyped it up to be! lol and then yesterday we had a family party at my hiouse for my uncles 50th....good times they all met chad! lol he fits in juss fine. lol...and then me n chad hung out made a cd went to his dads and watched home alone! lol and now hes in santa cruz on the freakin beach....grrr NOT FAIR! lol ne wyz there are pics below from yesterday! enjoy!

me marsh and chris

chris cutting the cake with the sword!

chad, me, aunt candie, uncle chris, and aunt nancy

me, chad and my dad!

me and chad! :)

marshall and uncle tom!

me and megan!


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ugh [Aug. 24th, 2004|08:17 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |something corporate-bad day]

today was the gayest day...it was good in some aspects and bad in others...i laughed, i cried....and yea. so first it takes me freakin days to finally get my book and im almost late for 1st period. then in 3rd perdiod ms mayjoy is freakin walkin past the classroom and im diggin in my pocket to pull out a jolly rancher and she sees my fone thinkin im takin it out and coems into my class and takes it...shes sucha bitch. then GOOD THING! chad visited me at lunch...o man that helped so much otherwise i wouldnt have made it thru the rest of the shit. finally school ends and i go to get my tutors number outta my fone and ms mayjoy goes kelly i think ur given my attitude...are u? and im like YEA BITCH IM GIVEN U ATTITUDE...are u kidding? god i was like no! then i go to practice and o my lovely father is there...and i had a bad day and chad was there again thank god. then i hit my first tee shot and i told my dad to say bye to chad and hes like id only do that if u had hit a good shot! and i HATE HATE HATE when he does shit like that and i was like dad stop and hes like god kelly ur so sensitive...so he didnt talkt o me the rest of the round. and i almost got a hole in one again, 1 inch away! and so i drive julie home and eat dinner, and my dad gets home and juss comes and yells at me like no other..its always my fault...ALWAYS. to him he didnt do ne thing wrong...but he did. he knos i hate him bein sarcastic bout my golf...grrr so he yells and yells and im like leave me alone. then i got to clean my car to get that damn writing off and its soooo hard! that shit is never goin on my car again! lol so yes ....lets see the only good part of the day was the almost hole in one and seeing chad! thanks chad luv ya! xoxoxo
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let the good times roll... [Aug. 22nd, 2004|01:28 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |nfg-its been a summer]

THIS IS MY LAST DAY OF SUMMER! pooper this sux so bad...lol and season starts tomorrow. this summer rocked tho...best summer ever, it FOR SURE topped last summer by a long shot! lol hah i saw without a paddle last nite...it was so funny! i love those stupid funny movies tho...those are my kinda movies. lol it was good times...and then i went to sleep! haha kinda...went to chads little brothers bday too. parker! he turned 3...hes so cute! and watchin the giants game...lol his family is hecka cool heh. saw misha cus she got her wisdom teeth out and she thinks she looks horrible, she looks NOTHING like i did. lol i looked terrible it was soooo swollen! lol wut else....ah and we went to qzar with tj, nicole, and angie! ahah lazer tag! my gun didnt work dammit..lol me n angie had hecka fun huh? it was so cool! lol we were sooo freakin loud tho. i was so mad cus my gun and ppl kept shooting me and i couldnt shoot em back! lol that stupid jacket thing was vibrating ALL THE DAMN TIME! and me n angie would be like DID WE MAKE U VIBRATE!? lol our guns worked like twice! haha it was great tho...good times! and im goin shoe shopping today...my favorite besides shoppin for sweatshirts! lol....ITS BEEN A SUMMER!
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2004|11:33 am]
last day of work was yesterday! as much as im happy...im way sad too! *tear* but eya nice movie last nite huh chad? lol yea ESKIMOFLY! ahah and me n ash for sure dominated in the tournament! rite? lol bad shot? cant help but laugh! ahaha aw man good times im sad summer is gonna end soooo soon! not fair this has for sure been one helluva summer! lol and now i get to go to a o so fun golf meeting! so toodles for now... and im puttin a pic in of me n chad! lol
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